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Frequently asked questions

What are CBD Gummies and CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles have become extremely popular over the last couple of years. Apart from being extremely tasty, they are a simple and discreet way to take your daily dose of CBD.
At Trupond we understand the importance of implementing CBD in your daily lifestyle and have therefore created some of the finest CBD gummies on the market. Our proprietary technology and unique extraction process has allowed us to develop a product that not only interacts with the body's Endocannabinoid System but also provides it users with an array of other supplementary benefits.
The CBD Gummies for Sale on the site are extracted from some of the finest industrial hemp in the USA, and due to our supercritical CO2 extraction process, we are able to develop a product that not only surpasses many brands on the market but also allows us to help dozens of people across the country. To ensure that our products are produced at the highest level possible we work with certified companies and third-party lab testing to ensure a top of the range product. All our products are organic and contain naturally produced terpenes, oils, and vitamins. At Trupond we cater to a wide range of people and therefore strive to provide the best CBD products to fit your needs.

Are CBD Oils legal?

All products created by Trupond, including our CBD gummies, are made from hemp grown legally in the United States. These plants contain 0.3% THC or less, which means they should be legal in your state. However, we recommend checking your state’s existing laws to be 100% sure. Trupond ships to all 50 US states, plus additional countries worldwide. Please contact us to inquire about shipping to your country.

Can CBD Gummies be used for anxiety?

CBD may offer an option for anyone looking to help with the management of daily stresses at home or in the workplace, yet they are not intended to treat or cure anxiety. As a bonus, our CBD gummies taste fantastic so they can act as a lovely little daily treat -- with wellness benefits!. They also contain delicious natural flavors, are 100% THC-free, and are suitable for vegans.

Ive never tried CBD Gummies. What can I expect?

Well, we believe you are going to be in for a treat! If you have a sweet tooth and love candy, you will adore our CBD gummies which are infused with natural flavors. Each bottle contains 20 gummies, each of which contains 30mg of CBD. CBD gummies are a fun way to ensure you get an accurate serving of cannabidiol each day.

Will CBD Gummies help with pain?

Your experience may differ to that of other customers. We are constantly receiving positive feedback from customers who have tried our products. Your individual biochemistry dictates how CBD works for you - so you won’t know unless you try! Also, we recommend you search online for valid academic publications on this topic. There is a host of wonderful, reliable data out there.

Will CBD Gummies help me sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation claims that 30% of Americans suffer from sleep disruption. A lack of sleep can cause all manner of problems, including irritability and fatigue.. CBD gummies could help to support healthy sleep cycles, as well as support the management of natural stressors. However, always remember that our products are supplements, and are not designed or intended to treat or cure any condition.

How are these CBD Gummies better than any other?

Trupond CBD gummies are GMO-free and 100% vegan. They contain 30mg of CBD apiece, and are also low-carb. The phytocannabinoid extracrt comes from organically grown US hemp, and moreover, as we source the cannabidiol from a 99% pure CBD isolate, there is no trace of THC.

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